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How Much Does It Cost to Repair or Replace a Garage Door?

Garage Doors are quite expensive to go for a complete replacement. But if the damage is irreversible, then replacement is the only option. The costs of repair and replacement vary depending upon the style and type of the door. Moreover, complete garage doors replacement also comes up with additional installation costs. 

Cost of Replacement of Garage Doors & Considerable Factors

Without any stipulated home warranty, you will have to give around $600 to $4100 for a standard garage door. The price might also go up depending upon the size, material, and type of garage door you choose. The additional costs that will add to the final bill would be the installation & crafting expenses. 

 Here are some of the types of garage doors that are usually preferred for a style statement:

  • Tilt-up or swing-up doors that are of a solid piece and are pulled open from the floor and go to the ceiling.

  • Swing-out type doors usually open outside from the center position and seem just like a usual gate. 

  • Roll-up type doors open from the bottom and slide into the track on the ceiling. It is the most popular of all. 

  • Sliding doors are also common and open to either side on a sliding track. 

Some additional factors that add up to the cost of the garage doors include the insulation layers. Some of the doors have a single layer, while some have multiple layers that result in the price difference. If you go for triple-layer doors, then you might have to pay a hefty amount again for those select doors. If you are buying garage door openers along with it, you might need to add a minimum of $200 to your final bill.

Cost of Repairing the Garage Doors

The average cost of repairing the garage doors starts from $190 that might go up depending upon the type and style of the garage door. If the repair work needs an additional change of parts such as cables, track, sensor, opener, springs, locks, and others, then the garage door repair cost increases. Each of such parts will cost you within the range of $85 to $290 approximately. 

For most of the homes, the garage doors are usually the main entrance to the house. Keeping this aspect in mind, the security of that door becomes a prime concern. Therefore, in such cases, timely inspection of repair needs is mandatory for the garage doors. Most of the basic garage door repairs can be done within $200 approximately.


Now, you have a clear insight into the repair and replacement cost of the garage doors. If you think your doors are still in a condition to get repaired, go for it else to seek a replacement. 

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