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How to Properly install Garage Door Openers?

Installation of garage door openers must be right to ensure the machine fits well with the specifications and operate safely. Therefore, taking professional help for the installation is the right choice. Alternatively, you can do the installation yourself following our guide given below.

1. Assembling the carriage tube

Before starting assembling, make sure that you have the necessary parts with you. Further, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembling. The carriage tube helps the carriage move between the power unit and the front wall for raising and lower the garage door. Therefore, double-check to see the adjustments are correctly made for efficient operations.

2.Mounting the carriage tube

For this, you need to attach rail clamps, which later will connect to the bracket placed on the wall above the door. Also, see if there are any additional requirements for installing switches and wiring at this step.

3. Slipping the carriage over the tube

The carriage must be slipped over the garage door opener carriage tube. For this, you need to mount the carriage on to the carriage tube and then follow the manufacturer’s instructions as different models attach differently.

4. Mounting the header bracket

The header, which secures the carriage, must be put on the wall above the door. However, the exact location varies based on various factors, but generally, it is installed at the center of the door. Follow these steps to mount the header bracket.

• Lift the garage door to find the highest point. Once done, use a level to mark the wall above the door

• Now keeping 2 inches above the mark, draw a second mark

• You need to place the bottom edge of the bracket similar to the second line and then attach it to the wall using appropriate fasteners

• Now, lifting the carriage's free end, join it to the header bracket. See that the power unit is placed on a pad to prevent any scratches

• Once you have attached the carriage tube to the header bracket, raise the power unit and see it sits close to the ceiling

5. Hanging power unit from the ceiling

Generally, the units are hung from angle iron and metal straps that have drilled holes in them at fixed intervals. For hanging the power unit, you need to follow the steps given below:

• Using lag screws, bolt the angle iron to the rafter

• Now, with a hex head screw, attach the strap to the iron

• With the given hardware piece, join all the straps to the power unit

• Move the garage door a few times to ensure it clears the opener

• Use the instructions on the opener control box to attach the wire to the garage wall.

• Finally, take the control box wire up to the wall to reach the power unit. There attach all the wires as mentioned.

6. Attaching the bracket to the door

The carriage comes with a metal arm that extends and connects to a bracket placed on the wall. This helps the carriage to open and close the door. For attaching the bracket, follow the steps:

• Join the carriage arm’s bracket to the garage door.

• Then attach the carriage arm to the body according to the instructions given.

• Finally, using a fastener, join the elbow-shaped piece to the bracket.

7. Plugging in safety device

All the units come with necessary safety devices that shut down the motor if something wrong happens. To connect the safety device, follow the following steps.

• Using a laser level along with the sensor mounts. But see, they aren’t placed above 6 inches from the ground level

• Install one device on each side of the door

• Take the sensors to wire up the wall and roof and then attach them to the back of the power unit

• Finally, try the door operations and make any necessary adjustments.

Take professional help for garage door opener installation

No doubt, installing a garage door opener is quite a complicated process that requires expertise and experience. It is better to connect with a reputable company like Express Garage Door to get the help you need. Using their experience and expertise, the professionals of the company will offer you a fast-fair installation service.

To know more about our service, connect with us today.

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