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Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair Services

Broken garage door springs repair and garage door spring replacement are our specialty here at Champions Garage Door Repair. We truly understand that it is the most common issue that can leave you and your car trapped inside the garage. No need to worry, though – our trusted technicians can easily diagnose this issue and can even have your garage door working again in no time. We have all garage door springs readily on hand, with all makes and models guaranteed to well-fitted with the highest quality of garage door torsion springs. Our garage door spring repair in Atlanta includes a complete service and lubrication of your door. It is also backed by the best spring and labor warranty the industry has to offer.

How Do Springs Work

  The garage door springs are a particularly important part of the garage door because they carry the door’s weight. Without these springs, it would be incredibly difficult — if not impossible — to open the heavy door.

Your garage door springs work by holding the weight of the garage door as it is lifted. The springs are tightened based on the weight of the door. For example, a 100-pound door will have two springs that can each hold 50 pounds of pressure to keep the door open.

The springs unwind as the door opens, and the tension holds the door open. When a spring fails, the garage door may open lopsided — think of a broken set of window blinds. If both springs fail, your garage door may not open at all.

Because the springs are held under such high tension and because they hold the full weight of the door, you should not attempt to fix them on your own. If a spring flies loose or if the door comes crashing down, it could cause serious injury or even death. Instead, rely on professionals like Express Garage Doors

Dangers of Broken Springs

A garage door is the largest moving object in your home, and because of the large number of parts, installation of a garage door is highly technical. Connecting the springs can be particularly dangerous, and proper installation is critical to the performance of your door. Professionals at Express Garage can typically install a door in a few hours and are careful to make sure safety requirements are met. Installations by most homeowners can typically take several days and cause much frustration. Doing it yourself can also void certain warranties, so we recommend a trained garage door installer to handle the job for you.

 Your springs are key to the proper function of your garage door and different springs react differently, making some even more dangerous than others our repair man will be able to easily identify which type of spring your model is using (torsion or extension), diagnose your spring problem, and restore service to your garage door safely. Many spring-related injuries result from well-intentioned amateurs while trying to fix their own broken garage doors. It is much safer for homeowners to leave spring replacement and garage door repair to qualified garage door maintenance and repair to one of our Express Garage Door Experrts

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