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How to Efficiently fix Garage Door Wheel Off Track?

Garage doors move smoothly up and down using door rollers held in place by brackets that remain attached to the garage door. The roller also has a stem that fixes into a bracket while the roller Stays on track. However, there is no assurance that the roller will stay as it is, no matter what happens. In fact, it can lose track from time to time, and when it happens if one has to call for professional help. Alternatively, you can try DIY hacks. But first, one has to know the cause behind it and find a remedy to it. Here are the top reasons and remedies for fixing the garage door off track.

1.Track is loose, or the anchors won't work

Before trying any remedy, make sure that the door tracks are well-anchored to the wall. The most common reason rollers go off track is that the tracks aren't at their place. In case the bracket anchoring the tracks are loose, use a wrench to tighten the bolts.

2. Dent or damage

The track needs to be checked for any damages or dent as well, or a damaged dent can cause the garage door to go off track. In this case, you can perform the necessary repair by pounding on the dents using a hammer and a block of wood. Further, in case you have a rubber mallet, make sure to use it instead. While if you notice heavy damage on the track, you need to replace them as they are not worth your efforts to fix the condition.

3. Track is out of place

Again, make sure to see that the garage door rollers' tracks are properly placed by using a level. In case you have a horizontal track, they must be slightly angled towards the back of the garage. While if you use a roll-up door, those tracks must be precisely leveled. In case they are out of order, then loosen the bracket while holding them. Now tap on them carefully until they are perfectly aligned. Lastly, see that the track is of the same height on either side.

4. Dirt and grime builder

garage door Off-track rollers can be a result of dirt and grime accumulating on the track. The issue can easily be fixed using any household clinic solution.

5. Lack of lubrication

To see that your rollers are running smoothly and do not run, of course, make sure to lubricate them and the other part of the garage door using a spray lubricant. As an alternative, powder graphite can also be used for this process. Lubrication of the parts will guarantee that your garage door opens and closes smoothly. Though rollers are best lubricated with silicone spray, you can use the alternative household oil for it.

6. Other loose parts

Any loose part of the door can cause the rollers to come off the track, so make sure to tighten any screws that might seem to be loose. While for the roll-up door, take a look at the hinges connecting the panels together. This is because loose hinges can make the door sag, thus interrupting its motion causing it to roll out of position.

Fix your Garage Door with Express Garage Doors

Although all the given remedies for the possible reasons behind garage doors off track are reliable and easy, one must see they better call a professional. The professional's help will ensure all the parts of the door are in place and operates well. Further, it will also reduce any chances of future issues. You can feel free to connect with us at Express Garage Door. Our technicians are highly equipped and knowledgeable about identifying the issue and offering a quick fix. Our professional's help will ensure you don't face any issues with your garage doors anytime soon.

Feel free to connect for further details or to book a repair service.

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