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What Are Garage Door Repair And Replacement Cost 2020

Nobody wants to make unnecessary investments in their home, such as buying a new door when it can be repaired and is the best alternative for replacement. Your garage door is also one of the house components which has the power to change the outlook of your home. Therefore, garage door repair may be a better option than garage door spring replacement.

How much does garage door repair cost?

As a garage door is one of the primary entrances to your house, it is necessary to ensure proper functioning of the door at all times. If you are facing any problems with your current door, then hire a professional from a garage door company to ensure if it requires repair or replacement. Although the garage doors may vary in size and style, the repair will also depend on the complexity. The average cost of the servicing of your garage door may be around $200.

Styles of garage doors

The cost of repair directly depends on the style of the garage door. Single roll-up doors and single tile-up doors are quite affordable but the custom made roll-up doors and custom made solid wooden doors could be more expensive to repair.

If you have the expensive models of your garage doors then your repair and replacement costs are definitely going to be high as the parts and materials for the garage doors are usually made by the manufacturer from where you bought it.

Garage door openers

Usually most of the garage doors have electric door openers, after sometime these openers fail to work properly or may need replacement. If your opener is broken, you are lucky as these repairs don't cost much and replacement is easy.

How much does it cost to replace a garage door?

Although replacement of the garage door may vary depending upon its type and style of the door you buy. The average cost of installing the garage door may vary upto $1,100. If you have your home warranty, then the cost may be from $600 to $4,100, depending on the size and materials used in its manufacturing and installing of the door.

Impact of types and styles of garage door on the cost of installation

Homeowners choose garage doors from multiple options sizes and styles, like single layered or multiple layered with insulation inside. Single layered doors may be cheap but don’t last long and double or triple layered with insulation are more expensive which typically lasts long. The materials from which the garage door is made can also impact its cost. The most expensive doors are the custom made that are mostly made of wood and can cost around $10,000 or more and the less expensive options include wood composite which can be painted, resists denting and gives a beautiful look to most of the houses. The cost can range from $950 to $3,700. No matter the price as the garage door usually lasts a minimum of 5 to 10 years.

Express Garage Door can be reached for any type of garage door service which also includes garage door off track and garage door replacement. The company’s highly skilled technicians can handle any kind of problem and also install the new doors.

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