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Opener Installation

Garage Door Opener Installation

A garage door opener is definitely a convenient home feature to have. But like any stuff you own, it is also prone to deterioration. But really, when is the right time for a brand new one? When should you call an expert for a garage door opener installation? Before you even decide to have your opener replaced, it is crucial to understand first the different things involved here. And when that time comes, we here at Express Garage Door Repair are more than willing to help.

Reasons You Need a New Garage Door Opener

While the installation of a brand new garage door opener in GA is quite beneficial, you need to determine first if it is your best course of action. Below are some reasons why you would need one in the future:

  • The garage door is already 10 years old or more.

  • Opening the door is usually loud. .

  • Your garage door simply lacks some convenient features that modern garage door openers offer. .

  • You want to further improve its reliability. .

Garage Door Opener Installation

We here at Express Garage Door Repair strive for quality and highest reliability. Hence, we only offer two of the best garage door openers in GA. These are Belt Drive and Chain Drive, each of them is detailed below:

Belt Drive – this type of opener operates the same way as a chain drive opener, but the only difference is that the chain is replaced by a belt. Hence the name. Belt drive openers like the popular LiftMaster garage door opener and Chamberlain garage door opener are proven to be cost-effective. That is because they operate more quietly than traditional openers.

Chain Drive – this is without a doubt the style most homeowners would fondly associate with a garage door opener. A chain, which is somewhat similar to a standard bicycle chain, is attached to a trolley that runs along a rail. The trolley is then attached to the motor, which is responsible in the opening and closing the garage door. Some modern chain drive garage door openers, such as the ones mentioned above, are built with DC motors that make their noise levels much quieter.

Express Garage Door Repair offers LiftMaster and Chamberlain garage door openers, both of which are proven to be the industry’s finest. Do not be fooled by other people saying that modern openers are quite costly. This is not true. While they will, of course, require you to spend a bit, the convenience and reliability these openers provide are top-notch. And once you acquire a garage door opener installation from us, you will be provided with the most affordable and professional installation ever. Just keep in mind, though, that belt drive garage door openers can be more costly than chain-drive garage door openers.

LiftMaster Openers

What You Need to Know About Garage Door Opener Installation in Maryland

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind, so you will know what to expect when it comes to a garage door opener installation. While these are no rocket-science, they can definitely help you understand the mere importance of a brand new opener. And perhaps, they can convince you to replace the old one in order to guarantee overall security.

  • The opener does not do much of the lifting – Yes, this is true. The opener typically has ½ or ⅓ horsepower motors. And based on these numbers, it is safe to say that it does not actually do most of the opening and closing of the garage door. In reality, it is the door’s spring handle that does the bulk of the work. Nonetheless, you would want to ensure that the opener works at an optimum level, so as not to compromise the entire system.

  • The convenience features of modern garage door openers– it really is true that garage door openers have come a long way when it comes to design. Unlike in the past, they are now more efficient in terms of energy consumption. In addition to standard safety features, which have been around for many years (e.g. eye sensors that detect obstructions in your garage door’s path and automatically reverse the direction), there are a plethora of modern-tech features available in today’s openers. And considering how modernized and advanced they are, it is only right for them to provide owners with the right amount of convenience.

Leave the Garage Door Opener Installation to the Experts

The installation of a garage door opener is something that you should not do on your own. This is also true even for those who are mechanically inclined, as this type of installation should be approached with extreme caution. A single mistake is enough to compromise the entire garage door system, leaving you and your family in great vulnerability. Without expert knowledge, the risk of serious injury is always there. Keep in mind that a garage door opener installation requires vast knowledge of different areas, including electrical wiring, knowing the required horsepower necessary for certain garage door weights, and ensuring the overall safety measures to work properly. Our experts here at Express Garage Door Repair can take care of all aspects of when it comes to this type of installation. Call us today for a no cost, no obligation estimate!

Chamberlain Openers

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