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Broken Cables

Garage Door Broken Cables

You may not think about them every now and then, but your garage door’s overall functionality is critically important. And if one of its components becomes faulty, the door’s motion is affected. One of these crucial components is none other than the garage door cable. It serves as the lift-muscle that is necessary in order to move the heavy door up and/or down. Unfortunately, it is subject to the same wear and tear experienced by virtually all other mechanical components. Following years of hard work and regular intense pressure, it can either become frayed or broken. And when this happens, you will need an expert in garage door cable repair. Express Garage Door Repair offers that expertise.

Understanding Your Garage Door Cable

You might think cables are simple parts that can easily be fixed with relative ease. Well, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. A closer look at it and you will see that garage door cables consist of intricate, tightly wound wire strands. This construction, in particular, provides a certain level of strength, which is complemented by a remarkable flexibility. Both of these qualities are crucial, as cables tend to move through a pulley system.

If you really think you can just skip a garage door cable repair, guess again. This is not simply a matter to be neglected. Your mighty cable is the only one holding your garage door in place. So, once it goes off, you cannot just expect anything close to a smooth-functioning garage door – let alone the possibility of an operation not happening at all. Will you really wait for such mishap to happen?

And, from time to time, they wind and unwind themselves around a door drum. Although it really depends on the in-out rate of vehicles, the number of these processes can soar high. That is why only the strongest and most flexible cable could pull this off entirely. But as time passes by, the thousands of repetitions will definitely take a toll. If the latter proves to be severe, expect a “garage door cable came off” situation to happen.

You obviously do not want this burden in the future. It is far better to call Express Garage Door Repair in Atlanta for prompt and reliable servicing. Our technicians have the knowledge in performing a garage door cable repair. Not only do they provide precise evaluations, they also guarantee optimum solutions. There is no small or big task for them. Everything gets solved.

How to Know If Your Garage Door Cable is Broken

You might be wondering: What exactly are the signs of a frayed or broken garage door cable? Does it even require a special investigative tool just to conduct an examination of the door’s cable wires? Well, not really, but evidence of faulty cables is not that easy to spot. For instance, when you look at the angle of your garage door, you have to determine if it is straight up and down or tilted? If it is the latter, then a faulty cable is definitely the culprit. It is also possible for you to notice that the door suddenly does not lift or even lower evenly unlike before. These are just some of the pieces of evidence of a broken garage cable. The same can be said if the door gets jammed or immobile. While the temptation to get the job done on your own is there, any of these telltale signs should only be investigated by a qualified technician. Even if you do not see any of the aforementioned evidence, your best course of action is to call an expert from Express Garage Door Repair.

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Why Hire a Professional

Sure, you can think that you have done a marvelous job fixing your garage door cable. But hey, you could be mistaken. Remember that the door that almost closes all the way could look all right, but it does not mean there are no other problems created. If it does not come all the way down, it is likely for the cable to have been installed incorrectly. It is also possible for other components to be compromised. This is where safety becomes an issue in this type of situation, as a single problem in your garage door is enough for thieves to try to break in. Note that if the cable does not work accordingly, your door’s ability to close (or even open) at an optimum level is impossible to reach. And once this happens, expect intruders to gain easy access.

Your Safety is Our Number One Concern

Express Garage Door Repair has been in the business of installing and repairing all types of garage doors, including its many components. In our countless years in the business, our primary concern has always been safety. There are no words to describe just how important to us that your garage door is not only in working order but will not also cause undue harm.

With that said, our technicians always thoroughly check every component, especially the cables. This is due to the fact that they are usually prone to wear and tear, let alone if not properly maintained. What is worse is that they are likely to cause accidents. Once our technicians are mobilized to either install or check on your garage door, the conduct of safety checks is automatically part of their standard operation. This is why we have always been Atlanta's go-to company. We never fail our customers.

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